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Dough Divider Machine

It prepares your dough in the weight you want with industrial dough cutting machines.

Kestart machine is designed to cut the dough in the desired weight without compressing and wearing it, to obtain dough of equal weight.
All surfaces in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.

All surfaces in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel. Dough suitable for the recipe is left through the safe top cover. The dough is pushed towards the exit chamber by the pushing force created by the piston-cylinder movement with its own weight. It cuts the dough in accordance with the appropriate weight values and the cut dough falls into the exit chamber.

General Specifications

  • Completely stainless body and other machine elements in accordance with food norms.
  • Our machine does not require qualified personnel due to its ease of use.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation.
  • Ability to work on a set-top box due to its dimensions.
  • Save time with fast and efficient work.
  • Ability to adjust dough thickness and diameter.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • 2 Years Service warranty.

Model Dough Weight | Min-Max Power - Electricity Dimensions (WxDxH) - Weight Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH) - Weight
SDD-62 15 gr - 220 gr (0,75kW) 860x480x710 cm - 88 kg 125x55x85 cm - 145 kg

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Dough Divider Machine

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