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Vertical Dough Rolling Machines

It was developed to combine all your dough rolling applications in one machine.


This compact stainless steel body machine with synthetic rollers has a roller length of 50 cm and a 20" With the Ø8.8 cm roller diameter, you can get perfect dough in half the time. Not only does this machine make your job easier, it also cuts down on preparation time, so you can serve pizza to your customers in record time and increase your profits.

While it is ideal for rolling out pizza dough, we've designed it for pita, lahmacun, pizza, pastry, sugar paste and many other applications, with the best performance for rolling out a wide variety of different dough types.

The hopper accepts large pieces of dough and holds dough up to 50 cm in diameter, so you can use it for both small and extra-large pizzas. In addition, it does not require frequent maintenance compared to your density, saving you time and money.

We offer reliable solutions to the fast food industry. We use high quality products consisting of engines and parts with high dust resistance in our machines.

All important parts such as rollers are produced in our facilities and undergo quality control.

Synthetic, non-stick rollers ensure that each piece is of the same homogeneous thickness for quality control, while allowing your dough to pass through the unit easily. To protect your workers, this cylinder has an isolated drive mechanism equipped with safety sensors for automatic shut-off.

The all-stainless steel construction offers extreme durability and is rust resistant, giving your organization years of service. Simple handle adjustments allow for exactly uniform dough thickness and spring-loaded scrapers are easily removed for easy cleaning. The 4" adjustable feet contribute to the ergonomic design so every employee can use it without any problems.

General Specifications
  • Completely stainless body and other machine elements in accordance with food norms.
  • Our machine does not require qualified personnel due to its ease of use.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation.
  • Ability to work on a set-top box due to its dimensions.
  • Save time with fast and efficient work.
  • Ability to adjust dough thickness and diameter.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • 2 Years Service warranty.

Model Roll Length and Diameter Max. Dough Weight Output Hour / Quantity Total Power Machine Size (W * D * H) / Weight Shipping Size (W * D * H) / Weight
SMA-500 Hamurex 50 cm/20 inc
Ø8,8 cm
80 - 500 gr 500 / 600 0,37kW 64x64x68 cm / 65 kg 70x70x90 cm / 90 kg

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SMA-500 Hamurex

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