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Dough Rounding Machines

Your dough is ready to be rolled out with industrial dough rolling machines.

Offers a fast solution for preparing dough.

This newly designed machine consists of a rotating cone and spiral-shaped, movable adjustable channels that are resistant to abrasion.

While the cut dough comes out by turning from bottom to top, it is perfectly rounded in the channels.

Dough channels can be adjusted easily. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.

Offering versatile solutions for preparing dough with desired form and thinness, Şengün dough rolling machines not only ensure close-to-natural rolling but also speed up and standardize dough preparation for products like pizza, pita and pastry.

Combined with 25 years of experience, this fine thinking mindset produces reliable and innovative solutions that turn dough preparation into child’s play

Model Roll Length and Diameter Roller Range Max. Dough Weight Output Hour / Quantity Total Power Machine Size (W * D * H) / Weight Shipping Size (W * D * H) / Weight
SHY-290 40cm - 5cm 0 - 4,1 mm 30 - 900 gr 1200 (Min.) 380V 3N 50/60Hz
2A / 0,75KW
61x74x108 cm - 130 Kg -

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Hamurex Dough Rounding Machine

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