* Renewed the more useful and space saviing design provides.
  * New construction with on maximum dpugh facilities
  * All aspects of system disks with brake can move,

  * Fully stainless body and other machine elements pursuant to food norms,
  * Our machine does not require qualified staff due to easy of use.
  * Its maintenance and cleaning is easy
  * Voiceless and non-vibrating operation.
  * Feature of operating on set thanks to its dimensions.
  * Save from time with rapid and efficient operation.
  * Feature of adjusting the dough thickness and diameter.  
  * Low Energy Consumption
  * Service Warranty

* Depending on the hardness of the dough kotrol speed settings are changed, the dough is larger than the right to open opportunities. 
* Rolls back the forward and turning facilities, 
* The requested operation and programming in the transfer,

Control Panel For V/F Speed Controller;
* Operation at Adjustable Set Valuel
* Easy to Use
* 4 Digits Display
* Easily adjustable set value from front panel
* Set value low limit and set value high limit boundaries
* Forward, Reverse direction outputs and  error input for V/F Speed Controller
* Password protection for programming and adjustment sections

Dimensions SM - 60 Model
A : length 810 mm
B : height 540 mm
C : width 565 mm
Model NET WEIGHT Motor Power Electric Input Dough Weight Obtained Dough Diameter
SM - 60 68 kg 0,55 kW / 3,7A 220 V / 50 Hz 100 - 2000 gr 26 - 60 cm

SM-60 Speed Control Thin Dough Spare Roll Out Machines / Comments

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