Micro Processor Controlled Conveyor Oven Dual Band AC Motor

Double-belt conveyor oven, bake at the same time one of two different products (with different cooking times), bake at the same temperature has been developed with the goal. Double belt conveyor furnace for different products or different ovens bake ovens and single number to be duplicated to provide faster service to consumers by the manufacturer to ensure that product. In addition to the manufacturer the ability to do the cooking for two separate single-firing because of the economic advantages.

BAND SIZE 245x1920 mm x 2 x 2
DIMENSIONS 1086x2400x368 mm
VOLT 400V AC 3~ 1N 1PE 50/60 Hz
A / KW 33A / 21 Kw

Simultaneous cooking of different products through double-belt feature

General and Technical Properties

  • Special resistance system
  • Double-belt option
  • Fully stainless body
  • Microprocessor-controlled programming
  • Low ambient temperature
  • Multistack operability
  • Conveyor-fitted
  • Low energy consumption
SF-1300 LD SENOVEN Double Band Conveyor Oven / Comments

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