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SF-800.52 SENOVEN Burners with Conveyor


Every new machine sold Dough, Dough Machine Spare Switch, SENOVEN Conveyor Oven Pizza and normal Şengün Construction Machinery. and Kır.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. is guaranteed. As guarantee of the products, beginning with the date of invoice. During the manufacturing of our products are guaranteed, as a result of defects resulting from installation or repair of equipment or part of a complete failure, due to changes in labor demand from the customer without any charges will be borne by Şengün Machinery.

Defects repaired under warranty will be technically eligible expenses, liability and warranty repairs application, that also includes changing the part, not changed completely, but the failures are fixed under warranty. Normal use, as a result of erosion and time have to be changed, belts, filters, beads, oils, fluids, rollers and such supplies and products becomes used corruption to the settings and therefore may arise in labor and material costs, warranty is not covered. However, these defects in manufacturing, assembly or materials from the event will be covered by these charges Şengün Machinery. Şengün guarantee all our products to exploit all the periodic maintenance of machines and their warranty and service repair manuals, or specified time intervals in Şengün Mechanical authorized service has to be fully built. Şengün Machine - SENOVEN domestic product warranty for 2 YEARS 1 YEAR abroad.


The traditional taste of Turkish cuisine kebabs, Tatlises rightful place in the contemporary world with the brand has found.

Tatlıses Kebap local flavor in the meat, carefully selected by the masters of Anatolia tadlarıyla meet insatiable, the way to find skilled hands, turns into an unforgettable banquet.

This taste, making sure the quality, so you can enjoy peace and comfort in, kebab and pizza varieties in all of Turkey and the world's leading provider of safe food products are used.

Tatlıses Kebap, istanbul in 7 days a week 10:00 to 22:00 hrs in the service of its customers.

About Us

     Our company was founded in 1977 as a manufacture of machine elements. Machine elements in mechanical production moved to its objective of establishing our brand and our products and our own company in 1998 accelerated this goal. Firsts in Turkey since 1998 have proved ourselves in order to produce machines and then to open before the pizza dough, pizza and bread and so on. pişirebilen furnaces manufactured products such as high standards. Fast-food industry in order to service quality, efficiency, and high technology to produce products based on the amateur spirit, the company never lose consciousness, and strive to.

     Today, up to 4.000 m² manufacturing tesisimizle Turkey's most important and famous brands, we are very happy to have gained our customer portfolio.
 We hope to see you among us.

EKM-40 SENOVEN Vertical Toaster Oven

Product features
• Proven reliable design provides higher speed and temperature.
• Increases performance thanks to more powerful motor and higher temperature plate.
• Unique two-level heat plate design allows operators to toast thicker or thinner toast.
• Adjustable temperature control provides precise frying for various bread products.
• The compact design requires only 20.5 cm depth of field.
• Conveyor assembly increases reliability.
• Easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Adjustable thermostat and ideal for sensitive frying.
• 2 years parts and labor warranty. (Overseas warranty is 1 year.)

SF-800.52 SENOVEN Burners with Conveyor

Simultaneous cooking of different products through double-belt feature

General and Technical Properties

  • Special resistance system
  • Double-belt option
  • Fully stainless body
  • Microprocessor-controlled programming
  • Low ambient temperature
  • Multistack operability
  • Conveyor-fitted
  • Low energy consumption

SEN-3000 SENOVEN Automatic Grill

SEN 3000 with rapid flow burner designed for cook more than one product at the same time with energy-saving, easy usage and easy cleaning. It can fit easily narrow areas. 

LENGHT 42,7 1085
HEIGHT 31,5 800
WİDTH 27,1 689


Gas fuels: Naturel Gas / LPG
Average consumption: 37,000 BTU / h
Connection Size: ¾” NPT (M20)
Electricity Connection: 1 F + 1 N + 1 T / 230V, 3A

Value measurements measured by Şengün Makina. Energy value is expected to be seen in the average usage. Contact us for more information.


350lbs / 158Kg

Weight of automatic grill can change, depending on order options.


  • Single or double belt
  • Undercarriage
  • Automatic grill push rods and belt supporting products
  • Product gathering options; Amber pan or product catching pan
  • LPG, Natural Gas
  • Adaptable voltage setting for domestic or abroad countries


     Please contact us for more information...

SF-1300 SENOVEN Burners with Conveyor

SF-1300 L SENOVEN Burners with Conveyor

SF-1300 LD SENOVEN Double Band Conveyor Oven

SF-1900 L SENOVEN Burners with Conveyor


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