SHY-290 Dough Rolling Machine is designed considering the work intensity of the baker. Its versatile and simple usability is unrivaled in the industry. Production depends on the size of the desired dough ball and how quickly the split dough pieces are dropped into the funnel. Small pieces can be fed at approximately two speeds per second, while larger pieces of dough should be fed at a lower speed. Grasping the machine's operating system will guide you through what the feed rate should be for a given dough ball size. There will be no adjustment when changing the size of your dough piece, the piece will automatically roll into a tight and smooth ball without any effort other than throwing it into the funnel.

Technicial Specifications SYH-290
Machine Length (cm) 61
Machine Width (cm) 74
Machine Height (cm) 108
Weight (Kg) 130
Motor Power (kW) 0,75 KW
Electrical Connection (V-HZ) (Single Phase) 220V  50/60HZ
Electrical Connection (V-HZ) (Three Phase) 380V  50/60HZ
Dough Weight (gr) 30gr-900gr

Hamurex SHY-290 Dough Rounding Machine / Comments

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