Used for cooking of products like Turkish Pizza, pizza, pitta applications. The dough thickness and diameter can be easily obtained at desired dimensions thanks to rolling pin interval adjustment system. Thanks to its rapid and easy use feature dough roll out can be made at minimum 3, maximum 5 seconds. There are two models named SM – 30 and SM – 40.

  * Fully stainless body and other machine elements pursuant to food norms,

  * Our machine does not require qualified staff due to easy of use.

  * Its maintenance and cleaning is easy

  * Voiceless and non-vibrating operation.

  * Feature of operating on set thanks to its dimensions.

  * Save from time with rapid and efficient operation.

  * Feature of adjusting the dough thickness and diameter.  

  * Low Energy Consumption

 * Service Warranty

Dimensions SM –30 SINGLE/ SM-30PE SINGLE
A : 410 mm
B : 370 mm
C : 385 mm
Model NET WEIGHT Motor Power Electric Input Dough Weight Obtained Dough Diameter


 kg  kW / A  V / Hz  -  gr  -  cm
SM-30 Single Dough Roll Out Machine / Comments

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