EKM - 40 Toaster provides perfect caramelization with contact frying. It creates versatility in your kitchen and uses less bench space. The unique two-level heater plate design allows operators to toast thicker or thinner toast. It has a self-adjusting belt assembly, which ensures proper tensioning. EKM - 1400 pieces of toast bread can be fried in 40 hours. Made of stainless steel construction, the EKM - 40 toaster is durable and easy to clean. EKM - 40 toasters have non-stick teflon cloth on both sides to prevent sticking to stainless conveyor and heater plate when toasting. This teflon cloth is also used to protect the toast surface, keep the toaster clean and ensure smooth operation.


Model No Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
EKM-40 635 664 203 37.2

Output & Electrical

Model No Explanation Number of Outputs Volt Hz Watt Amps
EKM-40 Vertical Conveyor Toast 1400 230 50-60 1700 7,5

Product features
• Proven reliable design provides higher speed and temperature.
• Increases performance thanks to more powerful motor and higher temperature plate.
• Unique two-level heat plate design allows operators to toast thicker or thinner toast.
• Adjustable temperature control provides precise frying for various bread products.
• The compact design requires only 20.5 cm depth of field.
• Conveyor assembly increases reliability.
• Easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Adjustable thermostat and ideal for sensitive frying.
• 2 years parts and labor warranty. (Overseas warranty is 1 year.)

EKM-40 SENOVEN Vertical Toaster Oven / Comments

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